The Benefits of Storing Your Power?


Why Battery Storage, And Why Now?

Incredible Tech

With the rise of battery technology, homeowners can now benefit like never before.

Store Energy

Use battery storage to store your excess solar energy that usually goes to the grid.

Cheap Night Tariffs

Programme your battery storage to charge from the grid overnight on a cheap tariff!


“Efficient Homes provided us with the required solutions to safely store energy and use it when needed, we’ve saved thousands a year and have seen small profits.”

James Hudson


What's the Usable Capacity?

Capacity is the amount of energy in kWh (units) that a battery can store. Batteries should never be drained completely. However, some are misleadingly sold quoting ‘total’ capacity. Check what’s being stated. ‘Useable capacity’ is the figure you need to know.

What's a Cycle?

A cycle is one complete discharge and one complete charge. In reality it doesn’t happen like that. A battery may only discharge 25%, then recharge 25%. This would be 1/4 of a cycle. So you need to know how many cycles a battery is warrantied for.

What's the Battery Chemistry?

There are two main types available, Lead Acid and Lithium. Lead Acid is very cheap to install but it’s inefficient and won’t last for long. So for this reason Lead Acid has all but disappeared from the Solar Storage market. Though the price of Lithium is higher, it’s much better value.

What's Charge/Discharge Power?

Some battery storage systems only deliver 800w (watts) of power. No good if you want a cup of tea (your kettle needs 2000 watts). Likewise, if you’re generating 4kW but the battery can only take on 3kW then 1kW will be heading to the grid, wasting your precious free energy.

What's the Price per kWh?

Checking the price/kWh of storage capacity is fair and accurate way to compare different systems. What’s the right number of kWh for your property? That depends on you. The more kWhs you have, the more you can reduce your bills and take advantage of ‘Time of Use’ tariffs

What Happens During Power Cuts?

Most systems are designed just for storage. However, some offer backup capability to provide power when there’s a powercut. If backup is essential, let us know and we’ll design some bespoke solutions for you to choose from.

What's the Process Like?


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